Homework #MTBcafe

375081_637550346270678_911791155_nComing Sunday we will host our first Meet the Blogger Cafe. It will be an inspiring afternoon networking event for bloggers. And there will be an inspiring key-note speech from Urban photographer and trend watcher Helene Vogelaar from Urban Fair about urban + sustainable trends in 2014 and beyond.

During this afternoon we will create a ‘Living trend wall’. To do so, we will need your input:
– Take a photo or image with you, which may be your own photo, an image from your favourite blog, Pinterest or magazine. Choose a striking image of what you think is an important (design & lifestyle) trend for 2014 and beyond.
– Choose a word/phrase that describes your image.
– Category: food, lifestyle, interior, kids , eco , fashion, travel, urban life
– Also choose an image, photo or colour sample of the colour that will be very important in 2014 and beyond.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there and to create a Living trend wall together with you!

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