#MTBAMS live! vtwonen Meet the Blogger award

vtwonen meet the blogger awardThis is the second time we will hand out the vtwonen Meet the Blogger award. There is a new bloggers award, for blogs that started less than 2 years ago. And we have an advanced bloggers award, for blogs that exist for over 2 years. The awards will be handed out by Carlein Kieboom, the new editor in chief of vtwonen.

vtwonen Meet the Blogger award
Carlein: ‘We had over 70 nominations, so I was happy I didn’t have to choose the winners all by myself. I did it together with Victoria from SF Girl by Bay and Kirsten from Blogtoday.  We have seen a lot of different styles, tastes, themes and personalities. But in the end we were unanimous about the winners.

vtwonen meet the blogger award interioratorPatrick Kooijman – Interiorator
A very good curator. There is a clear niche visible on this blog and a regular posting schedule. Patrick, we would like to congratulate you with your strong personal taste. The design niche you choose seems to work very well for you. We like the lay-out of your website. Nowadays there are so many nice brands and events to blog about, but you pick your subjects with attention and that shows. You take your blog seriously and the things you are working on besides your blog confirm this. Not everyone can say that he or she is blogging for the Bijenkorf! And now you even teach at Artemis Styling Academie about image composition. Congratulations and we are curious to see where you are going!

vtwonen meet the blogger award vosgesparisDesiree Groenendal – Vosgesparis
Desiree took big steps this year. She started her blog straight from her heart and we believe that’s what makes her blog so unique and personal. She produces all her content herself: pictures, text and logo’s. And what’s very special: Her blog and her personality is appreciated by other bloggers. Desiree, we like the design of your website. It’s beautiful in styling and use of color. And we like the little pinch of rock you always add to your pictures. You started from your passion and personality. The last year you took a lot of steps to enlarge your professional network, but your blog is still authentic. As a visitor you don’t feel a business model and that’s a good thing. You have a strong, international network with bloggers and brands. Travelled all over the world the past months for inspiring blog tours and to create unique content. Your unique visitors are growing and that doesn’t go unnoticed: You score high in rankings like Google Page rank and the Decorex top 100. You co-created an interior book with 14 other international bloggers and even after this impressive list, we think this is just the beginning!


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