Speakers 2013



Victoria Smith – San Francisco, US – SF Girl by Bay 

victoria-smithVictoria Smith is editor of sfgirlbybay, one of the West Coast’s leading interior design blogs. Her blog is known for representing ‘Bohemian Modern Style’ and for showcasing the freshest designers, artists, product and trends. She provides with 25,000+ daily readers & 1/2 million followers on interest!
Victoria will share the success story on how she started as a blogger and stylist. What she learned in the last few years and how she and her blog will develop in the near future, including new business ventures which developed from her blog. Plus, she’ll discuss exactly how one goes about creating compelling content consistently, social media and styling and photographing tips for bloggers.”


Tricia Guild OBE – UK, creative director & founder of Designers Guild

58de10d10e0c96c83aea79eead6d97e0Tricia Guild is designer, founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild. Tricia is known for her bold and original fabric and wallpaper collections and her work as a top designer and manufacturer on a range of home interior products. 
In 1970 she established Designers Guild and made it a world wide leading brand in thew world of interior.
For her work she was even awarded an OBE, a high British empire order!
She is also author of fifteen books on the subject of colour and design, from soft furnishing to flowers, gardens and city living.At our Meet the Blogger event we will have the premiere of her latest book!




Charlotte Meindersma, Netherlands – Charlotte’s Law & Fine Prints

015_AREY20130419-0101-zonderbloemCharlotte Meindersma is lawyer and photographer. Her law firm Charlotte’s Law & Fine Prints specializes in information law. Charlotte is known for her work in copyright law and e-commerce. She also was the only lawyer who stood up against famous Dutch author Kluun who violated copyrights by using photos on his blog and felt he was wrongfully sued over it.
Charlotte will talk you through several copyright issues and give you useful insights into copyright law as she goes along. In addition she will teach you some tips and tricks on how to protect your copyright, when and how you can use the copyrighted work of others and how to operate successfully against copycats. All of the above with an online and international focus. (photo credits: Arnold Reyneveld)



Paulina Arcklin, Finland – Netherland based – Picture this

!cid_A1ACFB10-D3E6-4682-A09F-BC12625B58A9Pauline Arcklin is a professional photo stylist and photographer. Her photo customers are Web Shops, Producers, Brands etc. She also gives workshops and runs a new Photo Styling iPad magazine called PICTURE THIS! MAG.The last 8 years she works as a freelance Interior & Decorating Writer – Stylist, and Photographer for interior magazines internationally. Her Home Stories are published in 9 countries and her own home featured in Dutch VTwonen and 101 Woonideeën, Bolig Pluss in Norway, Elle Decoration UK, Wohnidee in Germany, Glorian Koti in Finland, Deko in Finland.
At the event she will learn you tips and trics about blog photography and you will have some practice time with her!


Kirsten Jassies – Netherlands, Just Kirsten

!cid__772D30BC9BF0634CA9B06DB3F7B08048@SanomaFor the 2nd time Kirsten Jassies is present for an inspiring workshop at our event. Kirsten is products manager bloggers and social at publisher at Sanoma Media. She has set up a bloggersnetwork called Blogtoday.nl for professionalizing the use of social media for online women brands. Her expertise are visual content, blogs, social media and contentstrategy.
This workshop she will give you a lot of tips and tricks for great visual content. Beautiful visuals are more than text and is more liked and shared! But besides the photograph itself: how do you get all those beautiful visual content? Simple: make yourself. There are numerous tools and templates that can help to create. In a simple way create yourself videos, stop motion, cinegrams, infographics, portfolios and slideshows.
During this presentation you will learn all about making your own visual content and get your ideas put forward here to go directly to work.


Robert van Glabbeek – Netherlands, Sanoma

Foto-Robert-van-Glabbeek-1Robert is an SEO specialist at Sanoma one of the largest publishers in the Netherlands. As an SEO specialist Robert advices people how to optimize their websites for search engines.
With over 350% growth in SEO traffic over the last 3 years, Sanoma is doing pretty well at SEO which shows the relevance of optimizing content for search engines. In this workshop/presentation Robert will give a good view on how search engines work and how content can be optimized to be better appreciated by search engines like Google. Writing your content for your users and keeping search engine principles in mind will give you a huge advantage.
Furthermore Robert will inform you about tools like Google analytics, Google keywords tool, Google trends and ubersuggest. These tools will give you an unique look at good performing keywords. By the end of the workshop you know how to optimize your blog/website content for search engines.

Tina Fussell – Danemark, www.travelingmama.net

traveling-mama-shimmer-2Tina Fussell is the founder and author of the popular lifestyle blog, Flying House by Traveling Mama.  After blogging for more than six years, Tina continues to provide her readers with a go-to source for stylish living, travel, and good design.  Inspired by her adventures as a globe-trotting mom, Tina’s work as a designer, stylist, and photographer has been featured in numerous print magazines and e-zines.  After moving from Morocco to Denmark with her photographer husband and three kids, Tina is a great example of how flexibility and curiosity can change the course of our lives!
If you have ever felt a moment of discouragement or ever contemplated giving up then this is the session you do not want to miss!
“You know that moment when your finger is hovering over the enter key.  Hours have been invested, maybe a little heart and soul thrown in there, too, and you cannot wait to share it all with the world… And then the worst happens.  Crickets chirp… radio silence descends… and not a soul responds to what a few hours ago you were convinced was going to be your finest moment…  How do we overcome the discouragement?”
Tina will encourage us through her own adventures of overcoming repeated rejection, patience along the road, and how a little perseverance can take us a long way!